IntelliBoost IQ: All-Natural Smart Pill

Last updated on December 26th, 2018

IntelliBoost IQ is a name that is become commonplace amongst the online nootropic community. This is because the product is said to be a quality brain booster with a reasonable price tag.

According to the official website, the IntelliBoost IQ Brain Pills are made from 100% natural ingredients. The makers also claim these pills cause no side effects while improving brain health and cognitive performance.

What Is IntelliBoost IQ And How Does It Work?

IntelliBoost IQ is a potent nootropic supplement that makes use of an all-natural ingredient blend. It claims to help enhance brain function, memory, focus, and mental energy levels.

It works by helping to boost neurotransmitter health and production while improving energy levels and blood flow to the brain. According to the official website, users have experienced benefits within the first week with no side effects.

This supplement has recently been launched online. It’s currently only available for residents of Australia and New Zealand as part of an online risk-free trial offer program.

IntelliBoost IQ Benefits:

There are quite a few benefits that have been advertised by the manufacturer’s website.

Here is a list of the claimed benefits for IntelliBoost IQ:

  • More Energy: A boost in energy levels allows the user to stay active throughout the day without quickly getting tired.
  • Better Memory: An improved memory retention ability allows a boost in short and long-term memory.
  • Focus And Concentration: A boost in neurotransmitter health promotes increased focus and concentration.
  • Improved Mood: Heightened levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain promote better mood.

Intelliboost IQ Benefits

Are There Any Side Effects Of IntelliBoost IQ Brain Pills?

The manufacturer’s website has made it clear that users shouldn’t expect any side effects from this brain pill.

This claim has also been verified by thousands of users who haven’t experienced any side effects from this pill.

Who Should Be Taking Precautions Before Using This Supplement?

The creators of the proprietary blend for IntelliBoost IQ have done their best at providing a supplement that’s very compatible. However, some people should take some precautions before using such pills.

Children should not take the pills unless directed by a medical professional. Those with major health issues or on prescription medications should talk to their doctors before starting this pill. This should help prevent any unwanted drug interactions and complications.

IntelliBoost IQ Brain Pills Compared To Other Nootropic Pills

The manufacturer’s site has provided a comparison of this supplement to Adderall, Modafinil, and Alpha Brain. This comparison indicates this pill provides all the benefits you want without any of the shortcomings of the other products.

Clearly, this is not an unbiased comparison. However, it’s easy to see the benefits of nonprescription supplements over prescription pills.

Intelliboost IQ Comparison

How Many Pills Should Users Be Taking At A Time?

The official website suggests the customers use these pills twice a day. That can be once in the morning and night or anything comfortable to the users.

However, the users should keep in mind that overdosing won’t be useful or beneficial.

Can Users Take Too Many Pills?

If someone uses these pills beyond the recommended dosages then they might expect some minor side-effects. While they don’t cause any severe side effects, it’s best not overdose on these pills.

use correctly and adequately.

In case of some other pills, some people have experienced dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea. But this cognitive booster shouldn’t cause such side effects when taking the recommended dosage.

Can These Pills Cause Side-Effects If Used Long-Term?

According to the manufacturer’s website, these pills can be used for long-term without any issues.

The long-term use is possible because they don’t contain any stimulants or other harmful ingredients.

How Long Does It Take To Show Results?

Most nootropic supplements don’t come with an estimate of how long the product will take to show results.

The manufacturer’s site suggests some users have experienced a few benefits within the first week of use. These benefits included an increase in energy and concentration.

Some users also mention that it took them more than a few weeks of use to see results.  However, since everyone is different, some may take longer or shorter amount of time to notice the benefits.

IntelliBoost IQ Reviews And Testimonials:

Here are some insightful real user reviews for this supplement by users from Australia and New Zealand:

Avril Silvestre:

I always used to feel my focus and concentration was weaker than my fellow colleagues. And that might be due to getting older or having a weaker thinking ability. I was really avoiding getting a health check-up as I feared finding some problems.

So, to tackle the declining mental function, I went through various supplements that can help me with improved brain function. With that, I came accross this product and compared it with other similarly priced brain supplements. Looking at every possibility, I thought it best to give these IntelliBoost pills a try first.

Using it for like 2 months, I feel a satisfactory change in my focus and concentration. I have also noticed being in a good mood more frequently.

So, this pill seems to look good, at least for now! Let’s see if it gives better results after a few months of use.


These pills are effective . I am saying this because these pills managed to keep me in a good mood. If not good but better than before for sure. My family is very happy to see this positive change.

Thanks intelliboost iq for such results. Hoping to see more cognitive results in the future.

Mario Pavon

I am quite happy with these pills because of the progress in mental energy I’ve experienced. I have started experienceing a boost in focus and attention span with these pills. It also seems to improve my memory and I am also not spacing out as frequently with these pills.

Overall, as a cognitive booster, this pill is definitely worth buying. Albeit, it does take a few weeks to kick in.

Joan P

Good supplement to use and a rare one that causes no side-effects. That point made me finally trust the product. IntelliBoost IQ has been helping me with my analytical problems at work. The pills are not so noticable during most days. However, they start to show their stuff when you are burning candlelight and to satisfy those deadlilnes.

With these pills, I havn’t had to deal with mental burnout, which makes these pills worth thir price.

While these user reviews are encouraging, it should be noted that these pills take time to show results. The best way to benefit is to take them regularly while being patient for the benefits to become noticeable.

Where To Buy IntelliBoost IQ?

These IntelliBoost IQ pills are available on their official website in a risk-free trial offer. But it’s currently only available for Australia and New Zealand residents.

The risk-free trial offer from IntelliBoost IQ Cognitive Booster only charges a nominal shipping and handling fee. The users get one month’s supply of this supplement at their doorsteps after ordering it from the official site.

Intelliboost IQ Risk Free Trial

Pros Of Getting IntelliBoost IQ Brain Pills:

  • Promotes brain health-boosting benefits
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Causes no side effects
  • Plenty of user reviews and testimonials online
  • Comes with a risk-free trial offer

Cons Of Getting IntelliBoost IQ Brain Pills:

  • Only available for Australia or New Zealand residents
  • Only for adults

IntelliBoost IQ Brain Pills Review In Brief:

It’s unfortunate that this nootropic pill is only available to Australia and New Zealand users. Still, this doesn’t take away from the fact that this pill is very effective at boosting focus and mood.

The many user reviews and testimonials make it clear this product’s worth. For those in Australia and New Zealand, this pill should be on the to-buy list. Especially for those looking for their next nootropic dietary supplement.

The limited availability of the trial offered by the official website can make it difficult for some. But some experts agree that IntelliBoost IQ Pills are a worthwhile investment, considering it’s worth.

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21 Responses to IntelliBoost IQ: All-Natural Smart Pill

  1. Intelliboost iq is similar to other nootropic pills. However, if you want stronger benefits, take three pills a day and see the difference.

  2. there was a time when i thought that products like intelliboost iq that are sold online were all fake and useless. however, after finding a few people at my office who admitted to using nootropics, these products attracted my attention. so, two months back, i decided to try out this nootropic supplement with its risk-free trial offer. in the end, i’ve already used two bottles worth of the stuff and couldn’t be happier. i have noticed my declining memory is no longer declining. i also found that i was better able to concentrate after taking the pills. its also while i have already ordered a third bottle to continue using this brain pill.

  3. I’ve been recommending IntelliBoost IQ to anyone who would listen. And the reason for this is that this is the reason I was able to pass my MBA exams. I did the study but as someone who finds it difficult to concentrate for more than 5 minutes, I was able to better concentrate and study more effectively.

  4. I have just ordered IntelliBoost IQ myself and I did so because my friend Jake told me that it’s why he aced his mid-terms. So, I’m hoping to get the same focus/concentration/memory benefits as Jake.

  5. IntelliBoost IQ, for me, is one of the few quality products that I have come across. No doubt it takes time to show desired results but at the end, it works. I have been using this for almost 2 months now and my mood and mental energy have improved considerably. Thumbs Up.

  6. Being a creative director of an advertising agency is very hectic and it is worst when you work for a top company. Giving my 100% to my work has cost me numerous health problems and one of them is mental fatigue.

    Being in front of the laptop all day, on the phone for hours and unhealthy eating timings has done me in. I started to function poorly and that affected my work a lot as well as my sleep which further affected my energy and focus.

    I gave a try using IntelliBoost IQ to see if it works.

    Thank god, it didn’t give me any side-effects like other supplements usually do. Presently, its more than a month now and I could see these pills working slowly.

  7. Like in a week I felt more focused. I could work for a few hours on a project without getting diverted from it. I noticed that I can remember little things better. Like remembering why I walked into the storage room.

  8. My husband and I started using these intellibosst iq pills to see if these pills can give what they say they would. We used these pills for more than 3 weeks now and I must say this supplement is a mood enhancer. Not the best but helped us to control our negative moods a lot better. Planning to use this for longer and hope to see more results with this product.

  9. I don’t know if I should say this but it took over two weeks for me to notice any difference with these pills. I hope that’s normal and that I’m not too dense or something.

  10. Tried this product for a few weeks and saw a marked improvement on attention to detail, focus and memory. I will definitely continue with this product as far as I keep on experiencing these improvements

  11. I have always been skeptical about smart pills like this one. I found it difficult to believe a single pill can give you the boost these pills promise.

    However, I was proven wrong with this pill as intelliboost iq seems to do just that.

    The changes aren’t very noticeable but it is possible to feel the improved focus and energy that these pills bring.

  12. Worked better than a cup of coffee, for waking me up, and keeping me alert during the day, without any of the jittery affects of caffeine. I would highly recommend this, for anyone who needs to stay sharp during the day.

  13. My husband is an engineer by trade. He also knows a lot about nutrition and body building. He started taking the intelliboost and just after 1 bottle swears he thinks straighter in the morning and cannot go a day without it. He says he can really tell the difference

  14. Hello,
    I had been using this product more a few weeks now and recently in my body check up reports, there are symptoms of Diabetes. So should I continue using this product or just should I stop using right away?
    I hope you reply asap.

    • Hey Lisette,

      Regarding your query, you should take your doctor’s advice on whether to continue or stop with your supplements. Although these pills may not cause any side effects, I suggest you take the advice of an expert on this.

      Thank You,

  15. Taking these pills to improve my concentration and focus wasn’t my choice but my partner’s. But I am glad she forced me to as I have noticed a positive change in my memory and focus. I didn’t expect that from this product but it worked. Good stuff.

  16. My husband has TBI(traumatic brain injury) and has trouble with his memory. He has been taking intelliboost for a month and it may be helping his memory and sluggishness as well.
    Thanks intelliboost iq….!!!!

  17. I have almost finished my second bottle, and I have notice that my cognitive function is much more better. I dont struggle to remember words as such, and I feel quite sharper when I work. I’ve noticed my anxiety has gone down which is pretty surprising for me and I feel much more calm and relaxed.

  18. In love with intelliboost iq!!! My energy level has improved ever since I started taking it. I can feel an improvement in my memory. Had tried other products and did not get the same results. I would recommend this product to anyone.

  19. when i purchased this product i was doubtful whether it would work. after a week i could see the difference. i feel more attentive and able to do more at once than i could before.

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